How to live with diabetes

Thanks to a better management of patients, the health conditions of patients have greatly improved. They generally live on a normal way. In 2007, the French sanitary Institute conducted a survey on the mental and physical health among 3,000 diabetics. The results showed that the patients had enough confidence in their future and that physical limitations were quite limited, although they increase with age. Treatment with insulin injections mostly for type 1 diabetes and complications are on the other side bad for the moral and physical quality of life.

The "winning" recipe for living with diabetes

Compliance with diet and regular physical activity are very positive parameters. They reduce the risk of complications at very low level. The study notes that the main difficulty encountered by doctors in monitoring patients with diabetes is their adherence to the recommendations in the food consumption and the need of regular physical activity. Understanding of the disease by patients is also a neglected factor.

Medical care for diabetics must be regular and consistent. A quarterly glycemic control is often recommended for Type 2 diabetics, patients with type 1 diabetes treated with insulin should monitor their blood glucose levels daily using small individual units. Poorly controlled, diabetes causes a number of problems. Blood pressure, for example, should be monitored. The feet are also often subject to poor blood circulation and require special attention. Ophthalmologic monitoring is recommended at last once a year.

At this stage, when the disease is controlled, follow these measures is not very constraining. Maintain a good quality of life and accept every day the disease is possible. You are the key player of your medical team.